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2 st flyg stabilisatorer + 1 st programmerings dosa + övr. tillbehör. Pris exkl. frakt.
Kolla Youtube där det finns många filmer som visar hur det fungerar.

The Eagle A3 Super II is our top of the line flight stabilization system designed specifically for fixed-wing aircraft. The A3 Super II has an integrated high precision 6-axis (3 gyro + 3 accelerometers) MEMS sensor with advanced attitude and PID control algorithm. The gyro can accurately detect the angular velocity and attitude of the aircraft and issue commands to all servos, which enables perfect balance and stability throughout the flight. The A3 Super II has built-in capabilities for delta-wing (flying-wing), v-tail, remote master gain adjustment, and separate dual aileron and elevator control. Finally, two of the most exciting new features on this gyro are the One-Click Auto-Recovery which allows you to return your plane to upright, level flight at the flip of a switch (similar to Horizon's SAFE technology) and the One-Click Hover which allows you to put your plane into a perfect hover at the flip of a switch.

The Eagle A3 Super II offers 6 flight modes, including Normal Stabilization Mode, 3D Attitude Locking Mode, Auto-Recovery Mode, Auto-Hover Mode, User Defined Mode, and Gyro Deactivated Mode. By using a 3-way switch on your transmitter you can switch between any 3 different modes during flight. The A3 Super II also provides two stick control modes: Manual Mode and Auto Mode.